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  • Players can only be included on one team roster per tournament.  

  • No limit to number of players on team roster  

  • 10 players on the field (4 outfielders) 

  • All players must play at least one inning in the field. 

  • Catchers with gear are required on defense.  

  • Roster bat - All players on the roster will bat in lineup.  

  • Unlimited defensive substitutions  

  • Machine Pitch ONLY (Blue Catapult) 

  • No Tees 

  • Machine Pitch Settings (Back of Machine 40’ from Home Plate) 

  • Settings (Can be adjusted) 

  • Raise Pitch = 5 

  • Lower Pitch = 2 

  • Speed = 4 

  • 5 Pitch Maximum per at bat. 

  • Players CAN strike out on the 5th or later pitch. 

  • Foul balls on 5th or later pitch, will extend the at bat. 

  • Players CANNOT walk on machine pitch. 

  • Dropped third strike is a dead ball. 

  • Runner may lead off as ball crossed the plate. 

  • Stealing is not allowed. 

  • Bunting is not allowed. 


    • Baserunners must stop at the next base when all 3 of the below have happened: 

      • The ball is in the possession of a defender. 

      • The defender is inside the basepaths. 

      • The defender is facing home plate. 

  • Defenders may call timeout after the runners have stopped (per BASERUNNER STOP RULE) 

  • Coaches may NOT call timeout in attempt to stop a play.  


INDOOR Rules  

  • Pop Ups off the Ceiling Net will be dead and replayed with same count/situation. 

  • Flyballs/line drives off the back net (over the wall) on the fly will be considered a homerun. 

  • Flyballs/line drives off the black padded wall ON THE FLY (without contacting a player) will be considered a double 

  • Play will stop and the hitter will be awarded 2nd base 

  • Any baserunners will also be awarded 2 bases from their starting point 

  • Comebackers off the machine will be a dead ball and the hitter will be awarded a single 

  • All baserunners will also get 1 base. 

  • Batted balls that hit the back wall on the ground, on a bounce, or off a player will be played live 

  • Only advance one base on an overthrow unless defense makes attempt to throw out runner advancing. 

  • Outfielders must start each play behind designated white line (If you have questions day of, find umpire) 



  • Home team for pool play is decided by a coin flip by umpire.  

  • Home team in bracket play is the higher seed.  


Time Limits  

  • No new inning will start after 1 hour and 15 minutes  

  • Each game will be 6 innings (if time allows) 

  • Run Rule 

  • 15 runs after 3 innings 

  • 12 runs after 4 innings 

  • 10 runs after 5 innings 

  • No extra innings in pool play games 

  • Games can result in a tie  

  • Max. 5 runs allowed per inning.  

  • Unlimited runs allowed in last inning.  

  • The umpire will determine the final inning of the game and notify each team before the to of the inning. 

  • Championship game will not have time limit.  

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