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Game Time: 1 hour 15 minutes, drop dead 

Pitchers Mound: 35’ for 10U, 40’ for 12U, 43’ for 14U 

  • Games can end in a tie.  

  • You can bat your entire roster, just let the other team know ahead of time. If you do not bat the roster, you must substitute properly.  

  • 3 pitches between innings, 5 pitches for a new pitcher 

  • Line ups should be exchanged at least 15 minutes before each game 

  • 10-run rule after 5, 15-run rule after 3 

  • We will use ASA rules for all other rules.  

10U Only: 

  • Only one walk an inning, after that, it will be coach pitch 

  • Stealing 2nd and 3rd, no stealing home or taking home on passed ball 

  • Can leave base when ball crosses plate 

  • *If you want to practice other rules (in preparation for a tournament, talk to the other coaches prior to game.) 

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