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It is required that all teams in the tournament comply with the following rules: 


  • Team managers must always have full control of their players and parents. This means “on” and “off” the field.  Failure to do so can result in removal from event and/or banishment from future events. 


  • In case of disputed play or decision, team managers, only, may consult with the game officials in a respectful manner. The other coaches are expected to remain out of the discussion.  


  • This is a NFHS Rule. Here is the lingo and the rule from the rule book. 3-3-1 f6: A coach, player, substitute, attendant, or other bench personnel shall not: commit any unsportsmanlike act to include, but not limited to, any member of the coaching staff who is not the head coach (or designee) in 3-2-4 leaving the vicinity of the dugout or coaching box to dispute a judgment call by an umpire. 


  • Managers are to report any unsportsmanlike or derogatory acts by players or spectators to the tournament director. The purpose here is to prevent any serious situation developing that would be harmful to the tournament. 


  • Managers, coaches, players, and teams are liable for suspension by not adhering to the tournament rules in effect. This could mean suspension for a game, games, tournament, or a longer duration depending on the act of violation. 


  • A player, coach, manager, or sponsor may be suspended for fighting, swearing, any contact with an official on or off the field, obscene gestures. 


  • Any intentional destruction of property or abuse of ISA property will be dealt with very sternly. Team managers and sponsors will not be warned other than through this notice.  Punishments can be, but are not limited to, fines, ejections, and/or team disbarment from future ISA Tournaments/Events. 

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